Soft Tissue Reconstruction using TUNICELL ETC

We can now reconstruct soft tissues using TUNICELL hydrogels. Amoroso and his colleagues at the University of Gothenburg, Sahlgrenska University Hospital and Chalmers University, in Sweden, have successfully mixed lipoaspirate-derived adipose tissue with TUNICELL ETC to engineer implantable constructs in a nude mice model. Their research demonstrated that the TUNICELL bioengineered scaffolds sustained their 3D shape very well, with healthy adipose tissue that showed no signs of necrosis or inflammation over time. A key to this successful result was that the TUNICELL scaffolds promoted early and sustained vascularization of the implants. Amoroso and his colleagues have shown that TUNICELL based fat grafts may be an effective application in soft tissue reconstruction. Congratulations!  

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Read the article here: 

Amoroso et al., (2021), Functional and morphological studies of in vivo vascularization of 3D-bioprinted human fat grafts, Bioprinting, Volume 23, ISSN 2405-8866