Ocean Tunicell AS

Our Vision

Through incorporating nature’s evolutionarily tested innovations in biopolymers, our team is dedicated to contribute to the field of regenerative medicine and work towards a longer and healthier life. Advances in stem cell research, bioreactors and material sciences will in the near future enabled us to reconstruct a patient’s tissue and organ either fully or partially. This exciting field in human and veterinary medicine will require highly pure and biocompatible scaffolding material for the cells to thrive, proliferate and differentiate. Ocean TuniCell has developed a highly pure nanocellulose scaffolding material based on a sustainable low trophic resource from the sea.

Our Business

Founded upon more than 20 years of research expertise in the fields of marine molecular biology, biopolymer chemistry, engineering and business development. We have generated patented technology towards supplying the highest quality nanocellulose to the biomedical market.

Our Team

We combine decades of experience in tunicate molecular biology, biopolymer chemistry, marine engineering and business entrepreneurship, dedicated to providing superior quality nanocellulose for scaffolding in biomedical applications. Customer service is a priority for us and we welcome collaborative feedback to further tailor our products to your specific application needs.

Christofer Troedsson, Ph.D.

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  • PhD in marine molecular biology from the University of Bergen.
  • >20 years of experience in molecular biology, life history strategy, marine production, harvesting and processing.
  • Former research group leader of the Molecular Ecology at NORCE and associate professor at University of Bergen.
  • CEO and board member in Ocean Bergen AS.
  • Inventor of tunicate technology used in Ocean.

Eric Thompson, Ph.D.

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  • PhD in Biology from the University of Southern California.
  • Expertise in tunicate biology from the Sars International Centre for Marine Molecular Biology and Dept. of Biological Sciences, University of Bergen.
  • Manager of numerous funded projects developing tunicate resources.
  • Professor of Biological Sciences, University of Bergen and former group leader at the Sars Centre.
  • Former CSO in Ocean Bergen AS.
  • Inventor of tunicate technology used in Ocean.

Jean-Marie Bouquet, Ph.D.

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  • PhD in marine biology from University of Bergen.
  • Expertise in tunicate biology, production and processing.
  • Previously built the largest pelagic tunicate laboratory in the world at the Sars Centre.
  • Former research technician in Ocean Bergen AS.
  • Inventor of tunicate technology used in Ocean.

Thomas Aarstad, Mar.Eng.

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  • Marine engineer.
  • Expertise in large scale operations at sea.
  • Former engineer in Ocean Bergen As.
  • Inventor of tunicate technology used in Ocean.

Yadong Zhao, Ph.D.

Cellulose Production Manager

+47 413 84 613

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  • PhD in biopolymer chemistry from Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.
  • Expertise in cellulose and nanocellulose chemistry.
  • Experience as PhD and Post doc in research projects developing cellulose extraction procedures and nanocellulose protocols.
  • Former researcher at Ocean Bergen AS.
  • Inventor of tunicate technology used in Ocean.

Heloisa Galbiati, Ph.D.

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  • Ph.D. in Microbiology from University of Aberdeen, UK.
  • Expertise in cellular and molecular biology analyses.
  • Solid experience in laboratory management from the SARS International Centre for Marine Molecular Biology, Norway.
  • Certified for clinical analysis, with focus in hospital laboratory.

Emma Watkinson, M.Sc.

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  • M.Sc. Sustainable Aquaculture Systems from University of Plymouth UK.
  • Aquaculture research and production experience.
  • Research and development of low trophic cultivation methods.
  • Welfare and health assessment within aquaculture production.

Board Members

Hans Kristian Hustad

Chairman of the Board

Alf Bjørseth

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Rolf Benjamin Johansen

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Jorunn Tyssø

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Håvard Sletta

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