Ocean Tunicell AS

Our Vision

We work towards a longer and healthier life for the human population. The business of Ocean TuniCell is to provide clinically relevant scaffold material that can bridge the gap between the research community and clinicians in order to facilitate the translational process in the field of regenerative medicine. Our core invention is the production and processing of medical grade tunicate cellulose nanofibrils, TUNICELL, with excellent properties for 3D reconstruction of tissues and organs. We aim to be the preferred biomaterial supplier for in vitro and in vivo applications within the field.

Our Business

Founded upon more than 20 years of research expertise in the fields of marine molecular biology, biopolymer chemistry, engineering and business development. We have generated patented technology towards supplying the highest quality nanocellulose to the biomedical market.

Our Team

We combine decades of experience in tunicate molecular biology, biopolymer chemistry, marine engineering and business entrepreneurship, dedicated to providing superior quality nanocellulose for scaffolding in biomedical applications. Customer service is a priority for us and we welcome collaborative feedback to further tailor our products to your specific application needs.

Christofer Troedsson, Ph.D.

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  • PhD in marine molecular biology from the University of Bergen.
  • >20 years of experience in molecular biology, life history strategy, marine production, harvesting and processing.
  • Former research group leader of the Molecular Ecology at NORCE and associate professor at University of Bergen.
  • CEO and board member in Ocean Bergen AS.
  • Inventor of tunicate technology used in Ocean.

Eric Thompson, Ph.D.

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  • PhD in Biology from the University of Southern California.
  • Expertise in tunicate biology from the Sars International Centre for Marine Molecular Biology and Dept. of Biological Sciences, University of Bergen.
  • Manager of numerous funded projects developing tunicate resources.
  • Professor of Biological Sciences, University of Bergen and former group leader at the Sars Centre.
  • Former CSO in Ocean Bergen AS.
  • Inventor of tunicate technology used in Ocean.

Jean-Marie Bouquet, Ph.D.

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  • PhD in marine biology from University of Bergen.
  • Expertise in tunicate biology, production and processing.
  • Previously built the largest pelagic tunicate laboratory in the world at the Sars Centre.
  • Former research technician in Ocean Bergen AS.
  • Inventor of tunicate technology used in Ocean.

Thomas Aarstad, Mar.Eng.

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  • Marine engineer.
  • Expertise in large scale operations at sea.
  • Former engineer in Ocean Bergen As.
  • Inventor of tunicate technology used in Ocean.

Maria Kalkvik, M.Sc.

Business Developer

+47 400 08 280

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  • B.Sc Cell- and molecular biology from NTNU
  • M.Sc Entrepreneurship from NTNU School of Entrepreneurship
  • Specialised in technology based business development
  • Experience with early phase technology startups and sales

Laurence Hoareau, Ph.D.

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  • PhD in Biochemistry, Molecular and Cell Biology from the University of Reunion Island, Fr.
  • Long experience in cell and tissue culture, particularly in human primary culture.
  • Strong expertise in stem cell research, based on organoid models, mesenchymal stem cells or induced pluripotent stem cells.
  • Experience in R&D, with biological validation of biomaterials and development of medical devices.

Emma Watkinson, M.Sc.

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  • M.Sc. Sustainable Aquaculture Systems from University of Plymouth UK.
  • Aquaculture research and production experience.
  • Research and development of low trophic cultivation methods.
  • Welfare and health assessment within aquaculture production.

Katrine S. Skaar, Ph.D.

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  • Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from University of Bergen.
  • Broad experience in molecular and cellular biology methods with expertise in qualitative and quantitative techniques and analyses.
  • More than 10 years of experience in routine aseptic procedures.
  • Former department engineer and molecular biology facility responsible at NORCE Norwegian Research Centre.
  • Previously involved in building and starting up new laboratory facilities, including an ancient DNA laboratory at NORCE Norwegian Research Centre.

Rita Ullmann

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  • Executive assistant with Board Certified Apprenticeship and diploma in Office Management from Handelsinstituttet.
  • Executive officer and Consultant at Bergen Kommune
  • Executive Assistant at Ogilvy & Mather

Board of Directors

Hans Kristian Hustad


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  • 45 years experience in running operations & board director/chairman positions in the Nordics, CEE, and UK
  • Previously CEO/Chairman of Booker cash and carry
  • Lead from the Reitan side bringing Rema 1000 International AS to the stock exchange through a merger with Narvesen ASA
  • Chairman of the board of Ocean Bergen and Ocean M
  • Board member of Ocean GeoLoop

Alf Bjørseth

Board member

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  • PhD in Chemistry, University of Oslo
  • Previous Corporate Director of Research of Norsk Hydro and Director of Technology for Elkem
  • Experience as CEO at the Research Foundation at Radiumhospitalet in 1994
  • Built several successful enterprises such as Scatec, REC, Norsun

Rolf Benjamin Johansen

Board member

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  • MSc Applied Physics,
    University of Oslo with executive training from IMD Business School
  • Currently Senior Vice President at Fred. Olsen Renewables
  • Spent ~3 years with the Boston Consulting Group
  • Spent ~15 years within DNV, the certification company, incl. Regional Manager for Korea & Japan and most recently as Global Business Development & Innovation Director

Jorunn Tyssø

Board member

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  • MSc in Product Design Engineering, NTNU, specializing in sustainable product development
  • Award winning product designer with >16 years experience in product and service design
  • Design lead in Tandberg/Cisco for 11 years
  • Joined med-tech startup Oivi in December 2018
  • Founder and CEO of Høine, circular economy startup
Board Member Ocean TuniCell

Odd Geir Lademo

Board member

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  • Chief Executive Officer, Ocean GeoLoop AS.
  • Former Chief Scientist and Research Manager in Department of Materials and nanotechnology, SINTEF Industry, and Adjunct Professor at NTNU.
  • PhD in materials´ and structural mechanics from NTNU
  • Broad national and international R&D and industry networks