Tissue engineered cartilage based on TUNICELL ETC

Did you know that TUNICELL ETC can be used to help reconstruct cartilage? In a new publication in Biomaterials from Apelgren and colleagues at the University of Gothenburg, Sahlgrenska University Hospital and Chalmers University, in Sweden, TUNICELL ETC tissue engineering scaffolds with chondrocytes were subcutaneously implanted in nude mice.  The implants were evaluated by reconstructive surgeons over a 3 month period. The constructs were well preserved in vivo and the chondrocytes survived and proliferated. Having a biomaterial that allows for natural integration inside the body, yielding viable and functional cells, is critical for organ and tissue regeneration and the future of medicine. At Ocean TuniCell we congratulate Apelgren and his colleagues for this innovative publication!

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Read the article here: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0142961221003586 

Figure: Apelgren et al. (2021), ”Vascularization of tissue engineered cartilage – Sequential in vivo MRI display functional blood circulation”, Biomaterials, Volume 276.

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