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TUNICELL Starter Kit + M

9 ml Medical Grade nanocellulose fibrils

TUNICELL Medical Grade Cellulose Nanofibrils, 2.5 % in Cell Grade, Pyrogen Free Water + 4.6% D-Mannitol

Volume: 9 ml (3 x 3 ml syringes).
Expiration: 1 year shelf life
Storage conditions: 4 – 15 °C
Never freeze
For research use only

The TUNICELL Starter Kit is great value for money in your experimental design process. It contains a 3 ml sample from each variant; ETC, TTC and CTC. You can then test all variants in your initial experiments to evaluate what TUNICELL product is optimal for your application.

The TUNICELL Starter Kit includes 3 ml each of TUNICELL ETC +M (enzymatically pretreated), TUNICELL TTC +M (TEMPO-mediated oxidized) and TUNICELL CTC + M (carboxymethylated).

This Starter Kit contains 4.6% D-mannitol as an osmolyte. This will prevent osmotic shock when mixing cells in the dispersion.

Ocean TuniCell AS has developed a tunicate nanocellulose product, TUNICELL, produced from a sustainable marine resource harvested on the west coast of Norway. We extract and process to > 99 % pure cellulose, free of contaminating hemicelluloses and lignin. This is then used to produce our ultrapure TUNICELL, with endotoxin values ≤ 0.5 EU/ml and bioburden < 10 CFU/ml.

TUNICELL is produced according to ISO standards towards cGMP accreditation.

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