TUNICELL Dilution Kit

In order to facilitate handling and preparation of our TUNICELL products in your workflow, the TUNICELL Dilution Kit includes certified, sterilized cell grade pyrogen free and bioburden-free water (with or without Mannitol) together with sterile, individually packed accessories to (1 x 1 mL luer lock syringe and 2x luer lock connectors). Combining TUNICELL products with our Dilution Kit will ensure optimal consistency and reproducibility in your experiments.

To avoid osmotic shock when working with cells, we recommend the TUNICELL Dilution Kit with an osmolyte (4.6% D-mannitol).

When working with cell and tissue cultures, pyrogen free water is required. Pyrogenic substances are primarily endotoxins. Endotoxins are lipopolysaccharides (LPS), synthesized by Gram negative bacteria. This can compromise cell viability and/or physiological state. Our TUNICELL products together with the Dilution Kit are well suited to cell culture.

The TUNICELL Dilution kit is useful to modulate pressures to optimize cell viability in bioengineering applications and control pore sizes in hydrogels to tune cell migration and release of active substances.

Try our TUNICELL Dilution Kit with our TUNICELL products today!