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TUNICELL Dilution Kit

Pyrogen free/ cell culture grade water

TUNICELL Dilution Kit
Volume: 6 ml (2 x 3 ml syringes).
Expiration: 1 year shelf life
Storage conditions: 4 – 20 °C

Included accessories: 2 sterile luer lock connectors & 1 sterile 1 ml syringe

For research use only

The TUNICELL Dilution Kit allows you to dilute the dispersion to your prefered concentration ensuring optimal viscosity and maximal cell viability. The Dilution Kit includes sterilized cell grade, pyrogen and bioburden-free water. This is the same water used in the production of all our TUNICELL dispersions, which will ensure optimum consistency and maximum reproducibility in your experiments. The Dilution Kit also includes sterile and individually packed accessories to facilitate handling and preparation of our products. This includes two sterilized syringes with 3 ml of water each, a sterile 1 ml luer lock syringe and two sterile luer lock connectors.

The TUNICELL Dilution Kit includes 2 x 3 ml of pyrogen free/cell culture grade water, 1 ml sterile pyrogen-free luer-lock syringe and 2 sterile luer lock connectors

Ocean TuniCell AS has developed a sterilized dilution kit to use together with our existing TUNICELL series; ETC, TTC and CTC. Both our TUNICELL products and the water provided in the dilution kit have endotoxin values ≤ 0.5 EU/ml and bioburden < 10 CFU/ml.

TUNICELL is produced according to ISO standards towards cGMP accreditation

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