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TUNICELL Dilution Kit + M

Pyrogen free/ cell culture grade water

TUNICELL Dilution Kit
Volume: 6 ml (2 x 3 ml syringes).
Expiration: one year shelf life
Storage conditions: 4 – 20 °C

For research use only

The TUNICELL Dilution Kit includes 2 x 3 ml of pyrogen free/cell culture grade water with 4.6% D-mannitol, 1 ml sterile pyrogen-free luer-lock syringe and 2 sterile luer lock connectors

Ocean TuniCell AS has developed a sterilized dilution kit to use together with our existing TUNICELL series; ETC, TTC and CTC. Both our TUNICELL products and the water provided in the dilution kit have endotoxin values ≤ 0.5 EU/ml and bioburden < 10 CFU/ml.

TUNICELL is produced according to ISO standards towards cGMP accreditation

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