Tunicates are the only animals that can synthesize cellulose, likely arising from the horizontal transfer of a prokaryotic cellulose synthase gene at the origin of the tunicate lineage

TUNICELL Starter Kit

Are you curious about the different variants of TUNICELL that may be best suited to your application? We are happy to talk to customers about these modifications to select the best TUNICELL variant for you, but also offer the opportunity for you to test each of them to directly assess the optimal fit for your application? To help explore the different variants, we have launched a TUNICELL Starter Kit! The Starter Kit includes all three types of nanocellulose modifications in our TUNICELL Series; enzymatically pretreated (ETC), TEMPO-mediated oxidized (TTC) and carboxymethylated (CTC). 

The TUNICELL Starter Kit includes one pouch each of ETC, TTC and CTC. Each pouch contains 3 ml tunicate nanocellulose at a 2.5% dispersion in cell grade, pyrogen free water.

TUNICELL ETC is our enzymatically pretreated nanocellulose, which is white in color. It provides neutral  fibers in the dispersion. TUNICELL TTC is our TEMPO-oxidized nanocellulose variant, where we have added carboxyl groups to the nanocellulose fibers, while in our TUNICELL CTC modification we have added carboxymethyl groups. Apart from generating negative charges, these modifications give excellent opportunities to graft other biomolecules to the fibers and for your intended use. Both TTC and CTC are transparent and very well suited for visualization of cells in hydrogels.

You can combine all of our TUNICELL products with other nanoparticles and biomaterials to enhance the material properties for your application. It is a material that can be tuned to include specific biological properties. TUNICELL is a mechanically strong material, while still remaining high flexibility and ductility. 

If you have any questions about using TUNICELL for your specific application, feel free to send us your inquiries at post@oceantunicell.com