A new addition to our team

We are very glad to have Maria Helene Welle Kalkvik joining our team as a business developer in Ocean TuniCell AS. Maria has a background in molecular cell biology, entrepreneurship and business development from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim. She is specialized in technology-based business development, and has experience working with commercialization, feasibility studies and sales of advanced technology in start-up companies. Maria enjoys working with exciting technology that can make a difference in our everyday lives. 


“The technology developed at Ocean TuniCell has the potential of bridging the gap between research and clinical applications, making it easier to innovate in the field of tissue engineering and possibly improving patient care in the future. Working with technology that can help others is very motivating and exciting!”


She is passionate about leadership and teamwork in technology, which is what motivated her to attend the leadership forum at Stanford University, arranged by the Science and Technology Leadership Association (STeLA). She later held a position as CFO in the european branch of the organisation. Attending a Norwegian Entrepreneurship Program at Boston University, she gained insight into the medical technology startup ecosystem in the Boston area and wrote a paper on the key factors for success and challenges for MedTech startup companies. 

It is a pleasure to work with Maria. She is outgoing and eager to talk about our exciting technology at Ocean TuniCell, so be sure to give her a call or email her if you are interested in discussing our products in your applications!