Our tunicate nanocellulose, TUNICELL, is produced from a sustainable, low-trophic marine resource, the tunicate Ciona intestinalis

Biomedical opportunities emerging from the Norwegian fjords

Ocean TuniCell AS is located in Bergen, Norway, an international center for aquaculture, shipping, subsea technology and more. It is also a national centre for higher education, with several universities and colleges in the city. The city of Bergen has historically been a hub for trade, shipping and education dating back to the 1100s. A city with a strong focus on marine technology, education, research and sustainability is an ideal location to develop novel biotechnological applications from marine resources in Norway. 

In April of 2019, we moved our company to a new location in Bergen. A year later we released our first product; enzymatically treated nanocellulose (ETC) from tunicates.

In 2021 our team has grown from 5 to 12 full time employees, and we currently have three products and two services on the market. We are continously working on developing new products in our product line of medical grade tunicate nanocellulose.

In 2020 we had partners, collaborators and customers mainly in Scandinavia. Now in 2021, we are moving into collaborations and establishing customer relations with companies and researchers in both Europe and North-America.

We are exited about moving into new markets moving forward, and look forward to increasing our network of partners and collaborators globally in 2021.

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