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6 ml Medical Grade Cellulose Nanofibrils

TUNICELL Medical Grade Cellulose Nanofibrils, 2.5 % in Cell Grade, Pyrogen Free Water

Volume: 6 ml (2 x 3 ml syringes).
Expiration: 1 year shelf life
Storage conditions: 4 – 15 °C
Never freeze
For research use only

TEMPO-mediated oxidized tunicate nanocellulose (TTC) is a transparent dispersion. In the oxidation reaction we have substituted some of the hydroxyl groups of the cellulose backbone with carboxyl groups (COOH), yielding nanofibrils that are negatively charged and transparent. Due to its transparent nature it is well suited for work where visualization of tissue or cells are important. We supply TUNICELL TTC with or without an osmolyte at no additional cost.

Ocean TuniCell AS has developed a tunicate nanocellulose product, TUNICELL, produced from a sustainable marine resource harvested on the west coast of Norway. We extract and process to > 99 % pure cellulose, free of contaminating hemicelluloses and lignin. This is then used to produce our ultrapure TUNICELL, with endotoxin values ≤ 0.5 EU/ml and bioburden < 10 CFU/ml.

TUNICELL can be produced according to customer specifications at a range of concentrations up to 2.5 % nanocellulose in a dispersion.

TUNICELL is produced according to ISO standards towards cGMP accreditation.

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