Researcher Spotlight: PhD Fellow Essi Niemi

Essi Niemi is currently finishing her PhD in tissue engineering and bioprinting at Oslo University Hospital, where she has been developing her expertise is in vascular and pancreatic tissue engineering, 3D bioprinting and decellularization.

At this year’s TERMIS World Congress Essi Niemi and Dr. Shadab Abadpour presented their work titled “Fabrication of 3D bio-printed nanocellulose/alginate hydrogel scaffolds for delivery of pancreatic islets». The research group used TUNICELL to make 3D constructs for the delivery of pancreatic islets. Having the islets in the scaffold seemed to keep the pancreatic islets well preserved and functional in vivo.

Having a good biomaterial with proper diffusion properties can create a favorable micro-environment for islets, and result in preserved viability and function over time. Perhaps TUNICELL will be a part of treating diabetes type I in the future?

Watch her presentation below to learn more:

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