Ocean TuniCell featured in Business Norway

The Explorer, or Business Norway, is a part of Innovation Norway. Their interest is in promoting Norwegian startups and companies that are producing green and sustainable technology to an international audience. Our sustainable marine technology caught their attention, and they wrote an article about our company and how biomaterials such as TUNICELL can contribute to the field of organ and tissue engineering.

TUNICELL may be used as a scaffold material to build new organs and tissues in the future. Each day, 17 people in the US die waiting for organ transplants, and every nine minutes another person is added to the waiting list. Figures are similar in Europe and other developed countries.

When reconstructing organs or tissues, the 3D structure needs to be shaped together with cells and signalling molecules. TUNICELL is the backbone that provides structural integrity. TUNICELL can be used for many biomedical applications from wound healing and cell therapy to rebuilding a heart in the future. Recent published research shows that TUNICELL can be used successfully in tissue engineered cartilage and soft tissue reconstruction.

Interested in reading the full article? Click the button below or copy this link https://www.theexplorer.no/solutions/ocean-tunicell-produces-unique-sustainable-high-quality-biomaterials-from-the-sea/